My trip
November 14th - 22nd, 2013 – 50th death anniversary
In the footsteps of John F. Kennedy

When I was 19, I started to be interested in John F. Kennedy. The reason was a large election campaign button of JFK that I have bought in 1977 on a flea market in New York for one dollar. Simply because I liked it and it was something very special for me. An original from the year 1963 and the basis for my current collection.

That was unbelievable 36 years ago. During this time, my collection has become a small „museum“, my two sons were born in 1982 and 1983, John Fitzgerald and Benjamin. The two are already 30 now.

In all these years I have planned to make a small exhibition, to catalog my devotional objects and to write a book or a reference book. The 25th death anniversary (1988), the 30th (1993) or the 40th anniversary (2003) would have always been reasons for that, but could not be realized due to different causes – most out of lacking time.

Meanwhile, the internet was introduced and November 22nd 2013, John F. Kennedy’s 50th death anniversary, came closer. This ultimate date was the reason for me to make my own website „My John F. Kennedy“ and to trace back Kennedy’s footsteps.

My destinations were the historical places in the USA regarding John F. Kennedy’s life, activities and death. From this trip to which my two sons had accompanied me, I would like to provide you some impressions. No city reports or tours, no boring numbers. Only impressions of our trip.

Who is interested in detailed numbers, backgrounds and wide research materials, can visit the extraordinary homepage of my JFK-friend and expert Peter Engels www.john-f-kennedy.info