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Marilyn Monroe silver medal

As a young single man in the 1940s, Kennedy had affairs with Danish journalist Inga Arvad,and actress Gene Tierney.Later in life, Kennedy reportedly had affairs with a number of women, including Marilyn Monroe,Gunilla von Post,Judith Campbell,Mary Pinchot Meyer,Marlene Dietrich,Mimi Alford, and Jackie's press secretary Pamela Turnure.

The extent of a relationship with Monroe will never be known, although it has been reported they spent a weekend together in March 1962 while Kennedy was staying at Bing Crosby's house.Furthermore, the White House switchboard noted calls from her during 1962.J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI director, received reports as to Kennedy's indiscretions.
Kennedy inspired affection and loyalty from the members of his team and his supporters.According to Reeves, this included "the logistics of Kennedy's liaisons...[which] required secrecy and devotion rare in the annals of the energetic service demanded by successful politicians".
Kennedy believed that his friendly relationship with members of the press would help protect him from revelations about his sex life.

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