My Collection - Contemporary Documents

There are not many original time documents. The most important ones can be found in the “John F. Kennedy Library” in Boston or are owned privately or in the hands of very rich collectors all over the world.

Furthermore, John F. Kennedy was considered to be a lazy signatory. That means he only signed cards or fan mail reluctantly. So until today, documents with his original signature are very rare and fakes hard to recognize.

Warren Report, 1964 first edition, 27 volume set

Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy published in 1964 together with the complete limited edition 26 volume set containing all the historical documents from the Warren Commission hearings.
The volumes were printed in Washington D. C. in 1964 by the U.S. Government Printing Office. First edition.
This limited edition, the one-volume Warren Commission Report and the 26 volume set of the Warren Commission hearings and exhibits, is the complete record of the Warren Commission's findings. The volumes contain more than 20,000 pages of documents, testimony, and conclusions. Ten of the volumes consist of facsimiles of the exhibits used in the hearings, including shots from the Zapruder film, documents, FBI and police reports, photos, telegrams, hospital records, etc

Invitation Inauguration and Inauguations-Ball

Convention of Domocrates - Los Angeles 1960

Rose Kennedy Heart

Half Dollar given by Gilroy Roberts (Skulptor)